Beginners Guide to Learning Yoga at Home

The desire for survival and long life is instinctive in all living beings. Man is the noblest creation of God. Health is the basis of a happy and prosperous life. An ailing person cannot achieve anything. The first principle for healthy living is the prevention of disease. Medication and treatment come later.

Yogic exercises are a unique legacy from our ancient Rishis and sages. The very mention of the word creates in us a desire to know the ways and means of achieving longevity of life. The world is going through an epoch of material sciences. People are generally prosperous. The longevity of mankind has also increased. But along with this new and unforeseen diseases have also emerged.

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Man is mortal and death is inevitable, the lowest creature which roams about freely in natural surroundings and eats whatever they get, seldom get sick. It is their metabolism and something else within them, which helps them in eliminating the disease. Yoga is the gift of the ancient sages and savants of India. Its value is unique. It is a treasure from which physical, mental, ethical and spiritual benefits accrue. And yoga does not put limits or constraints on places, people, colour or caste. It is for everyone wherever and whatever he is.

There are many different types of yoga, i.e., Rajayoga, Hatha yoga, Dhyanayoga, Karmayoga, Layayoga, Kundaliniyoga and so on. Of all these the Hathayoga is an unfailing means of keeping the body in healthy functioning order. Its different exercises and Pranayama improve the functioning of glands, nerves, and veins as well as improve the blood supply to the body.

The regular Yogic exercises mixed with fresh oxygen-rich air, cool and dew-drenched grass and the greenery around will develop your body, personality, psyche and also improve your complexion.

I am sure that the public at large will gain by my experience. So, let us get started! If you're new here, then I recommend you to go through each of the topics mentioned below for a complete understanding or else simply use the links below to navigate to a topic of your choice.

Learning Yoga at home for beginners

  1. Introduction to Yoga
  2. What is Yoga
  3. Types of Yoga
  4. What Yoga offers

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