Introduction to Yoga

The human body is an integrated whole. Though it is made up of different systems, each system influences the work of the other system and is simultaneously influenced by them. The blood, for instance, in the course of its unceasing circulation carries materials to the various parts of the body and supplies them living tissues as well as oxygen which is so essential for life.

The heart, the lungs, the brain, will at once stop functioning if the blood circulation stops for a moment. but it is the heart which pumps up the blood and keeps it in circulation while the lings supply it with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from it.

The harder a muscle is worked, the greater is its need of oxygen and nutritive material. By regular work, a muscle no only strengthens itself but also intensifies the activity of the organs of respiration and blood circulation and in this way exercises the muscles of the throat and heart. Besides, this exercise increases appetite arouses a feeling of general vigour and as a result, the vital activity of the whole organism is increased.

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The muscular effort also influences the bones. It helps in developing ridges on which the muscles can be firmly attached, then the activities of the muscles are also responsible for the proper development of the bones. this all systems depend upon one another for maintaining the normal function of the human body.

Human physiology is the study of the functions of the human body, of the life activities of the organs and the organism as a whole. Likewise, to understand the structure of the organs of the body, it is necessary to have a correct understanding of their functions. any change in the function of an organ results in the change of its structure, and vice versa. For example, all the muscles which are properly exercised become stronger and increase in size, but the muscles which are not worked often, are enfeebled and start waning. Thus maintaining all the muscles in the body in a fit fettle, they have all to be properly exercised. And Yoga is perhaps the only system of exercise which can work up all the muscles and thus have an all round effect.

Muscular work usually requires sustained effort on the part of the organism but when the effort is combined with pleasure, the organism can do the work without minding the strain of the hard work. yoga exercises combine pleasure with muscular work.

Exercises help to strengthen the muscles of the heart. The degree to which one can do hard physical work depends upon one's age and physical condition. Naturally, a younger person in good health can do a greater amount of physical work than an aged man or a young man with a weak physique.

First of all, I would like you to congratulate yourself for deciding to walk on the path of becoming more healthier. If you've made it so far, then I am sure that you're more than determined to practicing yoga to achieve a healthy life. In the next article, I will explain What is Yoga and the importance of practicing yoga on a regular basis.

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