Beginners Guide to Learning Yoga at Home

The desire for survival and long life is instinctive in all living beings. Man is the noblest creation of God.

Introduction to Yoga

The human body is an integrated whole. Though it is made up of different systems, each system influences the work of the other system and is simultaneously influenced by them.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is so ancient that we have no definite knowledge of its origin. We find its mention in the Vedas, that were created some 2,500 years before Christ.

Types of Yoga

Yoga means union, union of man's individual spirit with the spirit of the universe, or God. However, there is more than one method of achieving this union. but all the methods lead to the same goal.

What Yoga Offers?

Through yoga elevation and meditation techniques, one can gain a better emotional control and tranquilize one's agitated and disturbed mind.

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