The 8 Most Important Yoga Poses for Beginners


Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which said to have originated in India, Thousands of year ago. It involves breathing technique and meditation along with exercise which are beneficial good for health. In this post, I will describe 8 Most Important Yoga Poses for Beginners.


To do this asana, think about putting your feet together when we stand. Pulling your thighs in and up, pulling your abdomen in and up, and now just try to balance while keeping your claws in that connection and lift your arms up without opening and then exhaling hands down. Raised your thighs up and over your knees raising your abdomen in and up. you can do these steps a few more times.


In this asana, Transfer your weight over to the left side reach down and hold onto your ankle and place the heel as close to the ground as possible. Keep the proper alignment. And in the tree pose press back with the left thigh and straighten your spine lengthening your upper body.


In this asana, Very strongly with your hands on the mat not twist your toes. Make sure you engage your nail and you slowly lift yourself up. When you lift yourself up. Your focus is to lift your hips back and up lengthening your spine. Just imagine sending your hips high up to the sky at the same time. you lift your hips up. Follow the position given below.


In this asana, Bring your knees down to the mat and fingers right in nice and spread, and here as you exhale lift your knees and hips and send it back to the sky. And once you’re ready as you inhale lift your right leg all the way forward and we’ll get. In between your palms and the next step is to fill up your back foot to the mat which is going to prevent you from falling down in the pasture. So from here as you inhale, push yourself all the way up to bring your torso all the way towards your knees from here when you’re ready to maintain the lower body position and as you inhale bring both your arms all the way up and stay here for a couple of deep breaths. You can do this step 10-11 times.


In this asana, you follow all steps given in step 4. After that Just keep your breath really normal and bring your body away from your knee and still maintaining the knee position and the alignment and stay here for a couple of deep breaths for 5 seconds.

6: Plank Pose in Yoga

In this asana, You bring your hands underneath your shoulders and extend your leg to your toes touch the ground then we opposite one. So always keep the body in a straight line because this is kind of hard people have the tendency to do this. Drop your hips. That’s really bad. Cause you hurt your lower back. So always pull through your belly and make sure the body is in a straight line roll the shoulders and keep the body will be nice and long and need your thigh muscles.

7: Cat Pose and Cow Pose

In this asana, Make sure that the shoulder is over the wrist. and your knees are right underneath your hips and will first talk about the whole anatomy of the pose and then we’ll talk about different ways. So first things first is a cow and you have to think of it like a cow-like I needed to eat a meal. So it looks like this the belly falls down the shoulders rolled back and then gaze comes up towards the sky that’s on the in-breath. And as you exhale you’re going to reverse that you’re going to carve the belly in pop the ribcage up and looking at your navel.


In this asana, Bring your chin to the under your shoulders. In hey Lift your chest. Breathe Relax your shoulders down and away from the Earth. Press your chest forward exhale gently lower your chest and bring your chin to the mat move slowly and with control. Rest your arms down by the signs relax. And do this step 5-6 times.

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