What is Yoga?

Yoga is so ancient that we have no definite knowledge of its origin. We find its mention in the Vedas, that were created some 2,500 years before Christ. Yet figures of yogic Asanas in meditation have been traced in rock paintings from times even earlier than the Vedic period. There is mention of the meditational yoga even in pre-Aryan culture but there is no mention anywhere of its practical aspect, which must have come later with the Yogis having to find easy and effective exercises to work their cramped muscles after sitting for long periods in meditational postures. Thus, Yoga developed into a complete system of self-culture to develop body and mind. Yoga has also been described as skillful living amongst activities or wisdom of work, moderation, and harmony.

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root 'Yuj' to unite or to combine with the supreme being. Yoga means discipline of the mind and body. The absolute aspect of sex and health lies in yoga and it provides a spiritual yet radiant outlook on life. One might choose its physical, scientific and spiritual aspect according to one's approach towards yoga.

Yoga is neither acrobatics nor mere physical fitness but an all-around beneficial system to provide both physical and spiritual health benefits. The practice of yoga is not meant just for the benefit of the physically weak or psychologically unbalanced but more so for the smooth running and efficient working o the psychosomatic machine.

One of the greatest benefits of yoga lies in its potential to strengthen the nervous system which is the controller and coordinator of all the systems in the human body. Through the practice of yoga, a restless mind is calmed down and energy is diverted from the destructive into constructive channels.

The mind is restless and hard to control and causes pain and agony by its unbridled acts. Yoga helps in controlling the waywardness of mind and thereby destroying all pains and sorrows and bringing peace and harmony to the mind.

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