What Yoga Offers?

Through yoga elevation and meditation techniques, one can gain a better emotional control and tranquilize one's agitated and disturbed mind. The best meal and the best tonics are of no avail if one is mentally disturbed. Yoga alone can help in such cases and rectify the defect. Yoga is unbounded by time and space. It helps us to survive physically and psychologically. The primary aim of yoga is to develop, through gradual stages, a quality of mind, which can perceive reality and acquire self-confidence through the healthy functioning of the mind and emotions.

Regardless of age, a great number of people of India as well as in the west have started performing yoga exercises because yoga not only attunes the body and mind but also provides a balanced exercise to all parts of the body thus adding beauty and charm to one's personality. It helps one to develop into a well-integrated human being. One can derive immense benefits from its rational systems of exercises and breathing. The very object of asanas is to provide well-being and stability. Yoga, if practiced without break can prove of immense value. Yoga is a means to get rid of stiffness, aches, pains, anxiety neurosis, excitement, and depression.

Yoga exercises have a certain superiority over sex. It is a builder of great sexual stability and stamina and helps to cure sexual incompatibility between marriage partners. Yoga can establish a stable, permanent association based on mutual affection and affectionate companionship.

Sex is the key to good health and health is the key to good sex but yoga is the key to good health as well as good sex. Yoga postures, if done correctly, aim at nervous control and purification, and increase the health and strength of the internal organs.

One must have faith in the constructive power of the mind to cultivate any mental faculty. An half-hearted attitude is not enough to achieve anything and skepticism is the enemy of all the discipline. It is important to understand that there is a difference between yoga as practiced by the young and the old people. Older people are more patient, more disposed to listen than the young, and therefore can derive deeper and more effective benefits from it. No one wants to be too old, yet only a few are prepared to exert themselves to delay aging.

The Yogi’s attitude to age is quite unlike the western conception. He believes that the physical body does not finish developing until the age of thirty-three, that even then it may still be remolded and brought to near perfection. Yoga takes each aspect of aging in the human body and works on it through breathing, asanas, ahara (diet), rest, purification, and Samadhi. Yoga has no known equal as a physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenator.

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